Getting to Know Concorde New Media

June 21, 2022

Below is a recent interview with Iva Sinkova from Concorde New Media:

Iva, Could you Provide a Brief Introduction to your Company?

Concorde New Media is unlike any other marketing group in Chicago. Our business is based on responding to the needs of our clients’ growth goals, production schedules and unique requests. Because our team includes specialists in digital marketing, custom printing, video, photography, advertising and copywriting we’re always ready to jump into any new or ongoing projects.

Are there any Highlights to Share about your Activities so far in 2022?

I can’t name names, but I can tell you we’re currently cultivating some exciting new relationships with notable organizations in entertainment and educational services. I’ve been very impressed with the creativity and in-depth analysis my team has brought to the table so far, and we’re all very eager to begin developing these projects. Stay tuned!

Can you give us more Insight into your Offerings?

The ultimate goal of Concorde New Media is to make marketing more efficient and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Our team really does offer everything a business needs to grow, from branding and logo design to e-commerce and customer loyalty. We have the ability to produce and execute a strategic marketing framework for companies without internal resources. We also work seamlessly as an extension of in-house marketing teams, amplifying the results and bringing fresh new perspectives. Our clients benefit from outsourcing all or part of their marketing needs to a single trusted partner because it streamlines communication and ensures cohesiveness in their messaging.

What can we Expect from your Company in the Next 6 Months? What are your Plans?

It’s almost impossible to predict what we’ll be up to six months from now, since we love to say yes when our clients bring us their ideas and challenges. Our plans include growing Concorde New Media by promoting our services and adding even more projects to our portfolio.

What is the Best thing about your Company that People might not know?

Some of our most loyal and long-term clients found us after other agencies told them their request wasn’t feasible, or couldn’t be accomplished by their deadline. We encourage visionary companies to bring us their most ambitious ideas, and we’ll find a way to make it happen. I have the utmost confidence in our team’s abilities, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do.