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Our website design services are more than just aesthetic. We design from a UX/UI point of view to make sure your website is easy to navigate, while guiding users toward conversion. Of course, every website we design is fully responsive, which is crucial for a seamless user experience across different devices, and also improves SEO.

Web Design UX/UI

What’s the difference?

UX and UI are two aspects of web design that work together.

User Experience (UX)

In terms of website design, UX is concerned with the experience humans have while visiting your website. Good UX is intuitive and engaging. Poor UX is confusing and frustrating.

User Interface (UI)

UI design focuses on how humans interact with your website. Every visual interactive element (buttons, navigation, video players, etc) is carefully considered to ensure a delightful interaction.

Analog analogy: UI is the dashboard, gas pedal, and steering wheel. UX is the feeling you have while driving.

Why do they matter?

Successful web design needs good UX and UI in order to:

  • Quickly communicate what you offer.
  • Information about your company needs to be helpfully organized and clearly presented in a way that makes it fast and easy for new visitors to get oriented.
  • Gain trust.
  • People are shopping around. Keep in mind your website is the first impression many consumers will have of your business.
  • Guide users in the right direction.
  • Navigation should be simple from the main menu. Helpful links between related pages make finding relevant information easy. Calls to action prompt users to get in touch with questions, or request an appointment/quotation.

Website Development

Web design and development go together like peanut butter and jelly, but they’re different aspects of website creation. Web design covers the look and web development covers the functionality. Web development literally develops the design so the website can work on the internet.

Benefits of custom website development:

  • Your website is built to grow. It’s easy to update and add content.
  • Your website is built with SEO in mind. Information architecture, responsiveness, page speed, XML sitemaps and other technical best practices are baked-in.
  • Your website is secure and compliant. Professional web development includes an SSL, compliance with cookie consent requirements, and ecommerce security (as needed).

How much does professional web design & development cost?

Every website is custom, so the price varies a lot depending on the design requested, site features (ie: ecommerce, search, forms).

A better question: How much is a lack of professional web design and development costing you? An inviting, modern web experience on any device is an expectation these days.  Search engine users have plenty of options and don’t hesitate to move on when disappointed.

Concorde is located in the New Eastside neighborhood in the Loop downtown Chicago, and our web design services are available nationwide. Reach out today so we can get to know you, your brand, and your business!

Contact Concorde New Media online or call us at 312-552-3006 to receive a free quote.