Unite and Conquer: 5 Full-Service Marketing Wins

June 10, 2022

The most effective marketing campaigns combine traditional and digital marketing. So it comes as no surprise that a majority of industry-leading companies invest in multiple media strategies. What is surprising (at least from our point of view) is just how many businesses rely on separate providers for each medium.

In the early days of digital marketing it made sense – there weren’t many companies offering print and digital services under one roof. But things change quickly, and it pays to keep up. Concorde New Media provides expertise across the full range of marketing services, simplifying project management and delivering more ROI on your investment. This ‘Unite & Conquer’ approach has several advantages:

Consistency Builds Brand Credibility

Consistency builds trust with your customers. You want your brand design and messaging to maintain the same tone and style everywhere your prospects find it, whether it’s a billboard, a web page, a magazine, or a radio ad.

When your graphic designer, copywriter, SEO analyst and paid advertising specialist share a common denominator there’s less risk of important details slipping through the cracks.

Streamline Communication & Save Time

When you have a sole provider for all your marketing needs, communication is a breeze. You’ll work with a single point of contact to coordinate:

  • Scheduling and timeline
  • Content development
  • Graphics, fonts & colors
  • Versioning & approval
  • Last-minute updates
  • Campaign performance

With separate vendors you’re managing multiple messages at each phase of a project, making miscommunication and misunderstandings all too easy — not to mention how much of your time is absorbed in project management.

Create a Holistic Marketing Strategy

When you use different vendors for different segments of your marketing, you might not see the forest for the trees. Of course you need to focus on individual tactics for social media marketing, public relations, display advertising, direct mail and more. But it’s equally important to hold a higher vision for all of your off- and online marketing strategies.

Working with a diversified vendor who can handle multiple campaigns adds value from the top down. With Concorde New Media you’ll find a partner who shares your high-level view of your company’s short and long-term marketing efforts as a whole. This opens up the door for bigger ideas and creative new ways of reaching your entire audience.

Compare & Contrast Campaigns

If you’re sourcing your marketing work to multiple vendors, it’s much harder to compare the value of one campaign against another. Naturally, each company or contractor you work with will be highly motivated to retain and increase the spend of your account. Their reporting and advice will always be grounded in that point of view.

When you work with Concorde New Media we can help you objectively analyze your investment across various media channels to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. No aspect of marketing is ‘set it and forget it’. As the competitive landscape changes we’ll help you fine-tune your strategies based on data. No matter which specific tactic is the most advantageous, we have the ability to identify and act on it.

Control Your Costs

It’s rare that a company would only require a specific marketing service (such as booklet design). But if your in-house team is large enough to provide most of what you need, then going with a boutique agency may be the best route for you. (Though you’ll still miss out on the valuable breadth of experience you get when working with a full-service agency.)

Most companies don’t have the resources to support a fully-equipped marketing department, which is when working with a full-service firm makes more sense. You can adjust your marketing campaigns to accommodate changes in the market and in your own internal capabilities while maintaining a relationship with a group of experts who understand your business.

Integrated Marketing for Companies of All Sizes

Concorde New Media acts as both a trusted consultant and collective of specialists focused on generating more business for your business. Whether you want to increase your market share or build a new brand, we’re here to help.