Concorde Print & Media offers comprehensive PPC services including establishing goals and campaign metrics, creating ads (with A/B split testing), and monitoring your campaign to continually increase ROI.

Types of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Google AdWords & Display Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads

How Pay-Per-Click Works

PPC campaigns are based on keywords people search online, and are subject to an auction process that determines which ads appear for a search, and in what position.

The cost per click (CPC) you pay is determined by multiple factors including keyword competition, your bidding strategy, Quality Score and others. The Quality Score is how Google evaluates the quality and relevance of your ad content, landing page, keywords, and historical performance.

The Value of PPC Management

Pay-per-click advertising is a simple concept that can be complicated in practice. There’s a lot of room for error and a big learning curve. The biggest benefit of outsourcing your PPC management is getting a better return on your investment earlier in your campaign. Working with a PPC specialist lets you leverage their depth of knowledge to get more out of your ad spend. A few examples:

  • Not all ads are created equal. Just like with organic search results, you need to create compelling copy to entice search engine users to click your ad.
  • Selecting the right keywords – including negative keywords – is crucial to driving revenue from your ads and minimizing waste.
  • Ad performance analysis and A/B split testing should be done ongoing so you can evaluate how your ads are working and optimize your bids and ad text.
  • Optimizing your ad landing pages is another important aspect of PPC, to make sure users who click through to your website stay on the page and convert.
  • In addition, professional PPC management will result in a better Quality Score, which means a lower CPC.

PPC Services from Downtown Chicago

Concorde is located in the New Eastside neighborhood in Chicago, and we are a proud partner of the Chicago Loop Alliance. Most of our new clients are based in downtown Chicago, but our PPC services are available anywhere in the nation, with very competitive pricing. For more information about our digital marketing services, or to request a quote for PPC management

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